Prague Summer School


The program is structured as an ideal blend of theory and practice, where the students will acquire a theoretical legal background behind day-to-day deals as well as gain an unique opportunity to be involved in simulated real-life business operation. Students can choose between two closely connected specializations – business and law.

Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions is a unique program which aims to answer two closely connected calls. For years, legal and business professionals have been pointing out the differences between the traditional concept of the education of future practitioners and the work these students will have to do once they are finished with school. The problem does not seem to be the quality of the knowledge, but rather on the ability to put it into practice. Students, similarly, try to find a way to be different, better than their colleagues – to stand out from the crowd in order to have a future advantage on the job market. This is precisely, where Prague Summer School tries to accommodate both the practitioners, and the students.

During our first three years, the Prague Summer School has grown into a well-respected and greatly-appreciated academic program, which is very unique not only in the context of Central Europe, but also world-wide. Although our legal curriculum has provided the students with no small amount of useful courses, we have been seeing a great demand for more business-oriented curriculum. Therefore, in 2015 we started a new branch of the program, which is aimed even more on the business side of the transactional practice. Of course, we are keeping the legal branch of the Prague Summer School, which made it what it is today. Please choose the one which is suitable most to you. Naturally, some courses will be held together, merging the students from both branches in one room, so they may benefit from the information exchange between professionals from various backgrounds.


The Summer School focuses on teaching students international business by a hand-on experience. Our students will spend three intensive weeks in the classroom, followed by an one or five-week-long internship with either a top-tier law firm or a major corporation, which every single student is guaranteed.The organizers of Prague Summer School are working hard to provide our students with the best-suiting internship available - each student will be able to choose three preferred internship opportunities which will be then allocated by the partners and by the organizers based on the profile of the candidates, their preferences, and last but certainly not least by their activity and participation during the classes. Since the negotiations are still on-going, we are not able to provide the potential students with the full list of our partners, but it will be available on our website with the due description of their work and experience to be gained from working with them. For reference, here is the list of companies that provided internships to our students in 2015:


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